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Refractory, Concrete Restoration, & Epoxy Specialists

Refractory, Concrete Restoration, & Epoxy Specialists: The ACMS Group proudly supplies a highly experienced group of concrete refractory epoxy specialists to the Chicagoland area. As a team, we have experience across all major aspects of refractory concrete installation. Our qualified staff has worked on a multitude of projects in the steel, aluminum, lime, cement, power, […]

Composite Repair Systems

Composite Repair Systems: We are equipped with the knowledge and resources to perform complex composite repair. If your piping is showing signs of corrosion, malformation, leakage or other imperfections, call on us to repair it.

Composite Tank Repair

Composite Tank Repair: Our composite repair capabilities also extend to industrial tanks. If you’re dealing with corrosion or damage to your tanks, let us provide you with fiber composite industrial tank repair. Our repairs add strength without increasing load and ensures results with no downtime.

Online Industrial Leak Sealing

Online Industrial Leak Sealing: We utilize American manufactured pipe and flange enclosures and clamps, as well as the latest technologies in sealants and packing for valves. Our leak repair group provides controlled solutions for steam, chemicals, acids, water, air and all process leaks.

Adding more capabilities

In 2019 the ACMS Group continued its growth. Adding to its capabilities “Online Industrial Leak Sealing” “Composite Tank Repair” “Composite Repair Systems” “Refractory, Concrete Restoration, & Epoxy Specialists” “Performance Resins and Composite System” “Fireproofing”