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Why It’s Important to Consider a Third-Party Inspector

Manufacturing, construction and other similar industries require regular inspections to ensure the quality of products, processes and services. Whenever you are in need of an inspection, it’s highly beneficial for you to look outside your organization to a third-party inspector. Here are just a few examples of some of the reasons why going with a […]

What Is the Difference Between Turnkey and Design-Build Construction?

Building projects have different starting points. You might hire out for a set of plans for a structure and contract a company to build it—that’s the traditional approach. But today, in the modern age of customization, many project owners want more control. It’s led to a rise in both design-build and turnkey construction. But what’s […]

Why You Should Work with a Self-Performing Contractor

A self-performing contractor is a contractor that takes the lead on a project and completes certain types of construction activities with its own labor force, rather than by delegating tasks to a subcontractor. This can be a highly beneficial service in a number of ways, and it can add quite a bit of value to […]