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Live Line Repair Group in Chicago, IL

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ACMS Group is available for live line repair and other specialty repairs, to ensure the integrity of your operations. Our team operates with quickness and precision while observing safety and infrastructure standards, assuring results that meet spec.

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On-Line Industrial Leak Sealing

We utilize American manufactured pipe and flange enclosures and clamps, as well as the latest technologies in sealants and packing for valves. Our leak repair group provides controlled solutions for steam, chemicals, acids, water, air and all process leaks.

  • 24/7 routine and emergency non-destructive online leak repair
  • Valve packing, flange, valve and piping system leaks
  • Meets all process safety management requirements
  • Engineered repair solutions for temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure from vacuum to 3500 PSIG

Composite Repair Systems

We’re equipped with the knowledge and resources to perform complex composite repair. If your piping is showing signs of corrosion, malformation, leakage or other imperfections, call on us to repair it.

  • Repair external/internal corrosion or other defects in piping
  • Restore piping systems back to original design strengths
  • ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1, 4.2/ISO 24817/ Dot Compliant
  • Engineered design and cost solutions available
  • Repairs can be done without any downtime
  • Installed by certified trained technicians

Composite Tank Repair

Our composite repair capabilities also extend to industrial tanks. If you’re dealing with corrosion or damage to your tanks, let us provide you with fiber composite industrial tank repair. Our repairs add strength without increasing load and ensures results with no downtime.

  • Structural repair of steel ranks using carbon fiber composite systems
  • Return original deigns strength to tanks
  • Seismic reinforcements add strength without increasing load
  • Turnkey service requires no downtime
  • 20-50% cost saving over traditional repairs methods

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For information about live line repairs or any of the additional specialty repairs we’re able to provide, contact ACMS Group today at 219-662-2380.

For 24/7 Emergency Services, contact Ryan Bilik (219) 713-5858

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