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Safety is a foremost concern on any jobsite. At ACMS Group, it’s woven into the very fabric of everything we do. Not only do we put safety at the top of our priorities and expectations, we ensure it’s part of everything we stand for. Trust us to set the standard for safety, including providing support staff for safety programs already in place.
We’re committed to analysis, education, management and regulation—all in the name of safety. Our award-winning safety training programs are the most comprehensive available, with all staff fully OSHA certified. All managers are accountable for the safety of their respective work groups. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Each and every employee is expected to return home from work at the end of each day in the same condition as he/she arrived: Injury free!

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We Care About Our People

At ACMS Group, we value our employees as our most important asset. The goals of our company cannot be realized without our employees. To that end, it is important to us that all employees are able to perform work safely. It is the responsibility, at all levels of our organization, to provide a safe place for employees to work.

Our Safety Manual

Our safety manual provides policies, practices, guidelines and regulations intended to ensure the health and safety of our employees. It details sound work practices, leading to a behavior-based safety program we set our standards against.

Every employee in our organization must be familiar with our safety manual and use it as a tool to prevent accidents and/or incidents. We work with supervisors to provide training so all employees are familiar with and understand the contents of our safety manual.

Zero Tolerance for Accidents

An important concept within our focus on employee safety is zero tolerance for accidents. We don’t have accidents because we do what’s necessary to avoid them. The word “accident” implies unexpected, uncontrolled variables. In our line of work, we don’t believe in accidents. We anticipate, plan-for and control everything, to ensure the health and safety of our people.
Each of our employees is taught to understand that, given the proper commitment, procedures, training, tools, equipment and environment, all accidents are preventable.

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Acms Group President Jim Depaoli Receiving Nwibrt Safety Award
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Zero Tolerance for at-Risk Behavior

At-risk behavior must be eliminated from the workplace. To that end, we have a stop-work policy that gives each employee the empowerment to address and remedy unsafe acts or conditions, without fear of retribution. Likewise, we encourage employees to be advocates for safety, even when it comes to reporting at-risk behavior from peers or supervisors.

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