Is in-House or Outsourced Project Management Better for Your Business?

The bigger your business is, the less likely you are able to spare extra staff to oversee projects. When you’ve got a major construction project on the horizon, many companies want to know whether it’s better to assign someone to in-house project management, or outsource it to another company with similar (or increased) expertise. Your […]

Meet ACMS Group – 25 Years of Service

Twenty-five years ago, Owner Jim DePaoli from a simple idea started the ACMS Group (Associated Construction Management Services) – ACMS served the refining and steel manufacturing industries in northwest Indiana. At the start Project management was our focus. The talent started coming to us – experienced engineers, constructors, Project Managers. We built safety systems, inspection […]

Now Is the Time to Repair Segregated Concrete!

Winter is tough on concrete, which makes fall a good time to repair concrete cracks. If you wait until spring to start segregated concrete repair, you may face additional damage that will go beyond your budget. Segregation of concrete occurs when cement paste and aggregates separate either during installation or when vibration and other causes […]

Here’s What You Need to Know About Refractory Coatings

Refractory coating is made from refractory materials. These substances and minerals contain high melting points, and they are difficult to fuse with other materials unless you subject them to extremely high temperatures. Basically, they maintain their properties under most circumstances, and that’s why they create ideal coatings for applications involving heat, such as kilns and […]

Thin- and Through-Wall Defect Repairs

Certain types of equipment, such as tanks, vessels and pipes, can have ongoing issues with both internal and external corrosion and damage, not to mention degradation caused by exposure to certain environmental conditions. Over time, this damage can result in thin-wall or through-wall defects. The good news is that there are methods of through-wall pipe […]