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Epoxy Crack Injection Repair

Cracked concrete is a common issue that can occur in both residential and commercial structures. These cracks not only compromise the appearance and integrity of the concrete but also pose risks to the safety of anyone who comes into contact with the surface. Fortunately, there is a solution for repairing concrete cracks that is highly […]

The Different Types of Concrete Repair

Damaged concrete often degrades and could become a serious problem. Concrete foundations, pads, and support structures might weaken and compromise a building’s structural integrity. Concrete can suffer many types of damage, including chips, cracks, and broken sections that compromise the integrity of concrete driveways, walkways, and steps. Fortunately, you can often fix the damage with […]

How Segregation Occurs in Concrete and How To Fix It

Concrete segregation is the process of separating the different ingredients that make up concrete. This can happen during the mixing process, when the concrete is transported, or when it is placed. You need to be aware of the potential for segregation so that you can take steps to avoid it. There are three main types […]

Why Epoxy Flooring Is a Great Idea for Your Industry

New flooring can be a significant investment. If you’re considering which type of material to use for your investment, consider the advantages of epoxy flooring. This option is a great choice for many settings due to the following benefits: It brightens your surroundings It can be challenging to make some interior areas bright and inviting, […]

Should You Use Casting, Shotcrete or Gunite in Refractory Installation?

There are several common methods of refractory installation you can choose from in Indiana. Today we’re going to focus on three specific ones: shotcrete, gunite and casting. How do you know which of these methods will be the best for your Indiana project? To determine this, you’ll need to take a variety of factors into […]