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Why Epoxy Flooring Is a Great Idea for Your Industry

New flooring can be a significant investment. If you’re considering which type of material to use for your investment, consider the advantages of epoxy flooring. This option is a great choice for many settings due to the following benefits: It brightens your surroundings It can be challenging to make some interior areas bright and inviting, […]

Should You Use Casting, Shotcrete or Gunite in Refractory Installation?

There are several common methods of refractory installation you can choose from in Indiana. Today we’re going to focus on three specific ones: shotcrete, gunite and casting. How do you know which of these methods will be the best for your Indiana project? To determine this, you’ll need to take a variety of factors into […]

What You Should Know About Gunite Refractory Maintenance

The use of gunite and gunite refractory repair and maintenance has expanded significantly with modern steelmaking technology. Years back, forward-thinking builders saw it was likely that gunite would be the only means of maintaining furnaces used for steelmaking to repair them from the uneven wear their linings frequently sustain. But guniting is performed for so […]

Now Is the Time to Repair Segregated Concrete!

Winter is tough on concrete, which makes fall a good time to repair concrete cracks. If you wait until spring to start segregated concrete repair, you may face additional damage that will go beyond your budget. Segregation of concrete occurs when cement paste and aggregates separate either during installation or when vibration and other causes […]

Tips to Prepare for Demolition Services

Demolition is a part of doing business. Whether you’re remodeling a single room or clearing the way for a bold new construction project, the first step in any new build is to remove what’s there to create a fresh canvas for your design. If that sounds like you, there are some steps you can take […]