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What You Should Know About Chiller Piping and Chilled Water Systems

Homes and smaller commercial buildings typically have traditional air-conditioning systems to keep their spaces comfortable—but did you know that many larger industrial buildings use chilled water systems instead of traditional air conditioners? Chilled water systems have a number of advantages over the centralized air conditioners that we’re used to. This post from your construction inspection […]

Safety Steps Used When Installing Medical Gas Systems

Functional medical gas systems, like oxygen, compressed air, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and nitrogen, can be the difference between life or death for patients. Because they’re so crucial to a medical facility’s operation, you need a project management team who knows what they’re doing when installing these systems. Keep reading to learn the safety steps […]

A Guide to Composite Repair for Pipe Corrosion and Leaks

Wear and tear, damage and defects in pipelines can lead to disaster. Corrosion and leaks can create costly incidents. Fortunately, there are repair options that can keep pipelines safe. A modern solution is composite repair. This effective method is being used in a variety of settings to maintain pipelines. The following guide to composite repairs […]

Here’s What You Need to Know About Refractory Coatings

Refractory coating is made from refractory materials. These substances and minerals contain high melting points, and they are difficult to fuse with other materials unless you subject them to extremely high temperatures. Basically, they maintain their properties under most circumstances, and that’s why they create ideal coatings for applications involving heat, such as kilns and […]

Why You Should Leave Composite Pipe Repairs to the Professionals

Some things are best left to the professionals. Actually, when it comes to factory maintenance and repairs, most things are best left to someone specializing in that particular field. Case in point: working with composite pipe repair professionals to repair corroded piping. Composite solutions take an experienced professional to administer, simply because there’s not always […]