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What Goes Into On-Line Industrial Leak Repair

Industrial leaks can cost companies millions of dollars because of lost energy, increase emissions, create safety hazards and reduce the reliability of operations. But with a team of skilled technicians, on-line leak sealing and repair can be done quickly without interrupting normal operations. In addition, the technicians use non-destructive methods, hence preserving the integrity and […]

Is in-House or Outsourced Project Management Better for Your Business?

The bigger your business is, the less likely you are able to spare extra staff to oversee projects. When you’ve got a major construction project on the horizon, many companies want to know whether it’s better to assign someone to in-house project management, or outsource it to another company with similar (or increased) expertise. Your […]

The Signs You Need Composite Repair

Technological advances in the industrial sector have made countless new things possible. More than just creating stronger surfaces, industrial innovation has birthed new methods of repairing damaged structures. One of these new cutting-edge repair techniques is known as composite repair. Composite repair can be used on numerous different products and throughout different industries, including automotive, […]

What You Should Know About Chiller Piping and Chilled Water Systems

Homes and smaller commercial buildings typically have traditional air-conditioning systems to keep their spaces comfortable—but did you know that many larger industrial buildings use chilled water systems instead of traditional air conditioners? Chilled water systems have a number of advantages over the centralized air conditioners that we’re used to. This post from your construction inspection […]

Safety Steps Used When Installing Medical Gas Systems

Functional medical gas systems, like oxygen, compressed air, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and nitrogen, can be the difference between life or death for patients. Because they’re so crucial to a medical facility’s operation, you need a project management team who knows what they’re doing when installing these systems. Keep reading to learn the safety steps […]