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Composite Repair For Pipeline Defects

Composite Repair For Pipeline Defects Composite repair systems have proven to be very effective in restoring the structural integrity of pipelines. However, performance is dependent on three primary components: a proper analysis of the anomaly to be repaired, a proper design, and correct installation. The repair system must also be able to withstand the environmental and […]

The Importance Of Testing And Inspection During Construction

The Importance Of Testing And Inspection During Construction Whether you are building a house, office or any other structure, the safety and quality of your construction is essential. To ensure this, there are a number of testing and inspection processes that need to be in place before, during and after the project. These tests are designed […]

What Is Turnkey General Contracting?

What Is Turnkey General Contracting? A turnkey contract is a term that describes a business arrangement where the builder or developer finishes construction of a project before turning it over to the owner. Turnkey contracts are common in the real estate industry. In this context, a home or property that is fully functional, needs no upgrades […]

What Is Construction RFI?

What Is Construction RFI? In construction, requests for information (RFI) are used as a communication tool between subcontractors, general contractors, architects and clients. They help keep a project on track with its design, specifications and materials. Formal Communication Tool RFI is a formal communication tool that can be used by any party on a construction […]

Refractory Installation Methods

There are a variety of refractory installation methods, and choosing the right one is crucial to the project’s success. It also requires an experienced team with the skill and know-how to get the job done right. The main refractory installation methods are casting, guniting, and ramming. Each is suited to specific applications and can be […]