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Why You Should Hire an Epoxy Coating Professional

There are many projects that are suitable for DIY efforts. Epoxy coating is not one of them. While you may be able to watch a YouTube video to learn how to apply this coating or follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to get this job done, it will be very difficult to do it right. […]

Why Is Epoxy Used for Surface Coating?

When choosing between various protective coatings in Indiana, people often turn to epoxy coatings to protect their surfaces. This is due to the many advantages offered by this material, as well as its versatility in application. If you’re considering protective coatings, keep in mind the following benefits offered by epoxy coatings in Indiana. Resilience Epoxy […]

The Importance of Routine Maintenance and a Simple Checklist

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—and that’s never more true than when you’re dealing with large-scale systems in industrial and construction environments. Making sure that your routine industrial maintenance is handled ensures a longer life for your equipment, improved safety for your workers, less downtime and better […]

Online (Live) Leak Sealing and Safety

Tanks and pipes under heavy use are always at risk of springing leaks. Depending on what the pipes and tanks contain, and how well they’ve been maintained, they are prone to leaking due to corrosion, lack of maintenance, harsh chemicals and the environment they are in. When your on-site infrastructure starts leaking, your technicians need […]