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Why Refractory Maintenance Is Important

Preventative maintenance is crucial for just about any kind of equipment to ensure it meets its expected longevity and to prevent unnecessarily expensive repairs or early replacement. Refractories are an important component used in manufacturing that makes it possible to process raw materials used in many different products and structures. It is critical, then, for […]

Hydronic Heating and Cooling Piping Explained

Hydronic heating systems are used for transferring heat into buildings. These systems have been growing in their efficiency for years as the technology associated with them has advanced. Depending on the type of materials used for the piping, that efficiency could be increased even further. Here’s an overview of what you should know about hydronic […]

Celebrating the ACMS Group story

Celebrating the ACMS Group story and growth over the past twenty-five years has demonstrated the strategic planning by the president and owner of Jim DePaoli. Jim’s financial commitment exhibits his solid belief in himself and the people he surrounds himself with. The story and growth doesn’t end with this twenty five year celebration. Stay tuned […]


Fireproofing: The ACMS Group increased its capabilities in August of 2020. We now have the equipment and qualified manpower to deliver fireproofing. When Passive fire protection is required and the flexibility and aesthetics are important, the ACMS Group can consider reducing the risk of structural collapse in the eventuality of fire by applying intumescent coatings […]

Performance Resins and Composite System

Performance Resins and Composite System – Adhesives and High stenth glues, Grout and load bearing compounds, Corrosion Resistant and protective Coatings, Vessel Tank Lings, Secondary Containment Systems, Lining Exposed to High Temperatures, Binder, Patching and Fairing Compounds, Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Based Composites, Flooring Systems, Ancillary & Miscellaneous Products