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Pre-Construction: During the pro-construction phase, turn to us for engineering, procurement of materials and logistical solutions to barriers facing the execution of your project.

talent to the manufacturing and construction industries

ACMS Group provides experience and talent to the manufacturing and construction industries. We are very proud of our construction management and QA/QC capabilities. Providing independent project/construction management. We document your project with QA/QC services – your ‘as built’ drawings are exactly that – as built.


Construction: We are the authority on construction project management at any scale. Allow us to maintain project controls, while providing reporting, quality assurance, inspection services and more. Whatever it takes to get your project built.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: In our yearly years we focused on construction management. Good planning is the foundation of a successful project. We place supreme importance on setting the right standard for construction to come. This includes FEED studies, scheduling, contractor procurement and much more

Steel, refining, power generation and more

We have served steel, refining, power generation, natural gas, chemical, automotive, food processing and pharmaceutical clients across the United States. Bring your tough, complex construction jobs to us. This is what we do, what we are. Let us build/manage/fix your problems. Put us on your team.