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What Is Turnkey General Contracting?

What Is Turnkey General Contracting? A turnkey contract is a term that describes a business arrangement where the builder or developer finishes construction of a project before turning it over to the owner.¬†Turnkey contracts are common in the real estate industry. In this context, a home or property that is fully functional, needs no upgrades […]

What Is Construction RFI?

What Is Construction RFI? In construction, requests for information (RFI) are used as a communication tool between subcontractors, general contractors, architects and clients. They help keep a project on track with its design, specifications and materials. Formal Communication Tool RFI is a formal communication tool that can be used by any party on a construction […]

The Difference Between Quality Assurance vs Quality Control in Project Management

Quality assurance (QA) and quality control are two terms used in many businesses to describe project management processes. The terms are closely related, but they mean two entirely different things. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t yet know the difference between the two. Here’s some information about project management quality control¬†and quality assurance and […]

Why It’s Important for Your Project Manager To Have Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is used in several industries, including construction, quality assurance, and software development, confirming that a service or product is of the best quality. Quality assurance refers to the actions or processes to ensure a product or service meets all requirements. QA often tracks compliance and maintains dependable product management output over time. To […]

The Signs You Need Composite Repair

Technological advances in the industrial sector have made countless new things possible. More than just creating stronger surfaces, industrial innovation has birthed new methods of repairing damaged structures. One of these new cutting-edge repair techniques is known as composite repair. Composite repair can be used on numerous different products and throughout different industries, including automotive, […]