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What Is the Process of Jointing in Engineering?

Nearly any time you construct something, jointing is involved. Jointing is simply fastening two pieces of a material together. The method and type of fastener may change, but the overall concept remains the same. However, when it comes to engineering, proper jointing must be carefully designed and tested. Depending on the project, your joints may […]

The Importance of Trunnions in Bridge Construction

Trunnions have been around since the medieval era, but unless you’re in construction, you may not have heard of them before. They’re used in a variety of different applications, including bridge construction, and allow multiple parts to move at the same time. You have probably used trunnion bearings in your daily life without even realizing […]

Differences in Epoxy Coating

Around the world, a variety of different companies are waking up to the benefits of putting an epoxy coating on their concrete surfaces. Of course, though all concrete epoxy coating types in Indiana are tough, you should understand which one is right for your business before you commit to any one blend or recipe. With […]

Workplace Safety During COVID-19

As you are no doubt aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed daily life for every American, including those of us in the construction and engineering field. ACMS Group continues to operate as an essential business, but we take COVID-19 workplace safety in Indiana very seriously. Our company is prioritizing workplace safety by following OSHA-issued guidelines. […]

What Is LEED

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is the top worldwide “green” building system rating. When you’re working on a new construction project in Indiana, getting LEED certification means that your building is recognized as having an innovative, environmentally-friendly design, is more profitable than traditional buildings and tends to be healthier for […]