What Is Construction RFI?

1What Is Construction RFI?

In construction, requests for information (RFI) are used as a communication tool between subcontractors, general contractors, architects and clients. They help keep a project on track with its design, specifications and materials.

Formal Communication Tool

RFI is a formal communication tool that can be used by any party on a construction project to request information. This includes contractors, subcontractors, and clients. Generally, these documents are used to address questions about materials, specifications, and design drawings. They can also be used to request information about contract requirements, standards, and pricing. These documents must be drafted carefully to ensure that they are clear and easy for all parties to understand. They should avoid industry jargon and include context to clarify the issue. They should also include visuals when necessary to help support the question and increase the likelihood of a timely response.

How To Write A RFI

When writing your RFI, keep it simple and direct. Be sure to include a request for information, a short description, and a due date. An average RFI response time is eight days, but this can vary depending on the complexity of the project. The most important thing is to ensure that your RFI is answered promptly and fully. Otherwise, you may be liable for costly reconstruction work if there is a dispute later on. With a clear process for issuing and responding to RFIs, you can avoid these issues and help your project stay on schedule and within budget.


A construction RFI helps to keep clients, contractors and stakeholders informed about project details that may have come up during the design process or during construction. This information can help to clarify the design, suggest reasonable changes and identify issues that have cropped up in the building process. In order to avoid a lengthy and costly RFI process, construction professionals should submit these requests early in the pre-construction phase of a project. This can significantly increase the chances of getting an answer. Creating a clear process for issuing and responding to RFIs can also help improve response times.

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