What Goes Into On-Line Industrial Leak Repair

Industrial leaks can cost companies millions of dollars because of lost energy, increase emissions, create safety hazards and reduce the reliability of operations. But with a team of skilled technicians, on-line leak sealing and repair can be done quickly without interrupting normal operations. In addition, the technicians use non-destructive methods, hence preserving the integrity and life of the equipment.

Common Applications for Online Industrial Leak Repair

Flange Leaks

Custom-made pipe repair clamps are placed outside or over the leaking flanges. A sealant is then injected into that space between the repair clamp and the flange. This repair method is very effective, long-term, and suitable for almost any pressure and temperature, containing even the most serious leaks. Flange peening and economical wire wraps can be used for lower pressure applications.

Valve Packing Leaks

Valve packing leaks are a common issue in a lot of industries. With time, the packing can wear out or loosen, hence starting to leak. Any process fluids leaking out can be messy, costly, and dangerous to the environment. To repair the leak, a sealant is used. The repair technicians will install an injector, then inject the sealant into the valve’s stuffing box, restoring the valve to its original condition.

Elbow and Fitting Leaks

Elbow and fitting leaks can be handled on-line using a sealant containment vessel. The technician starts by installing the containment vessels where the leak is coming from to contain it and then injects it with the sealant to seal the leaks. Entire valves with severe cracks caused by winter freezing can be repaired this way.

Valve Kills

This application is often used when a valve in a closed position refuses to hold. In this method, an injector will be installed into the valve seat or on the valve’s upstream side (depending on the valve’s configuration). A sealant is then injected to stop the flow. However, good technicians ensure that the valve still operates.

Weld Porosity/Corrosion Leaks

Weld porosity and corrosion leaks can also be repaired in the same way elbow and fitting leaks are done.

These are just a few of the many applications where industrial pipeline leak repair services are used. Some of the benefits of using this method are outlined below:

  • Saves time, and the product
  • Minimizes administrative burden
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Prevents costly shutdown by offering on-site, safe, and on-line leak repair services for any processes
  • Qualified technicians respond quickly and handle the leaks promptly
  • Preserves the integrity and the equipment
  • Enhances the safety of industrial operations by getting rid of harmful emissions

It is essential that you let professionals handle industrial leaks for you. This is particularly important where the leaking contents are acidic or hazardous. An untrained person can damage the equipment, get injured, or injure other employees.

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