The Benefits of Having a Self-Performing General Contractor

If you are about to start a construction project, you know that you need a general contractor to help run the project. One of the ways you can ensure the project runs smoothly is by hiring a self-performing general contractor. Self-performing means the contractor provides a direct labor force to do certain construction activities like carpentry, steel framing and concrete work. This approach often comes with a few benefits. Discussed below are some of the benefits of hiring a self-performing contractor.

Quality Is Prioritized

Due to many years on the job, most self-performing contractors have spent time building a team of talented and skilled workers. Whether you need carpenters, finishers or any other important worker, you can expect the general contractor to have someone right for the job. Self-performing teams that have done projects together for many years are likely to yield quality results. Besides quality work, a self-performing contractor will also deliver the project within the given time frame and budget.

Saves Time

One of the advantages of self-performing contractors is that they understand their work. Because of years of experience, they know how to work with subcontractors to deliver work on time. This is done through various measures, like:

  • Efficient scheduling: Years of experience allow workers to create accurate and dependable schedules.
  • Flexibility: If one subcontractor falls behind schedule and cannot recover that time, a self-performing contractor can supplement the workforce of that subcontractor with an in-house workforce, which allows the project to get back on track.
  • Easier team coalition: The time needed to recruit individual subcontractors reduces significantly.
  • Motivation: The general contractor has a bigger incentive to finish the self-performance work within the given budget and time than the subcontractors.
  • Control: Self-performing increases the ability to manage a schedule using internal forces to complete the work.


Work experience comes with knowledge. And because self-performing contractors are on-site daily, they have knowledge of material, schedules and labor. This gives them an accurate picture of the cost of a job. They also understand things like market fluctuations and viable material alternatives. This makes it easy for them to recommend solutions that will result in the greatest value.

Ensure Safety

When a skilled self-performing team works on projects, they follow the lead contractor in terms of safety standards. This helps boost the safety focus that individual project teams have already provided. Skilled workers on-site offer an additional set of eyes to watch out for risk behaviors and correct them before anything happens.

Myths of Self-Performing Contractors

When people do not understand the duties of self-performing contractors, there can be a lot of misinformation going around. For instance, a popular myth is that the workforce that these contractors use is not that skilled. People assume that the contractors only use subpar workers for projects. However, this is untrue. Self-performing contractors use skilled workers that already know how to get the job done within the given budget and time.

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