PROJECT MANAGEMENT: In our yearly years we focused on construction management. Good planning is the foundation of a successful project. We place supreme importance on setting the right standard for construction to come. This includes FEED studies, scheduling, contractor procurement and much more

Steel, refining, power generation and more

We have served steel, refining, power generation, natural gas, chemical, automotive, food processing and pharmaceutical clients across the United States. Bring your tough, complex construction jobs to us. This is what we do, what we are. Let us build/manage/fix your problems. Put us on your team.

Safety is a foremost concern on any jobsite.

At ACMS Group it is woven into the very fabric of everything we do. Not only do we put safety at the top of our priorities and expectations, but we also ensure its part of everything we stand for. Trust us to set the standard for safety, including providing support staff for safety programs already […]

ACMS Group’s Principles of Project Management

What is project management, and how do you choose the right project manager? That’s a question many of our clients find themselves asking. In technical terms, project management is our approach to achieving specific goals, in a specified time frame, with defined resources to achieve those goals. The ultimate goal is to deliver projects according […]

Is in-House or Outsourced Project Management Better for Your Business?

The bigger your business is, the less likely you are able to spare extra staff to oversee projects. When you’ve got a major construction project on the horizon, many companies want to know whether it’s better to assign someone to in-house project management, or outsource it to another company with similar (or increased) expertise. Your […]