Fireproofing: The ACMS Group increased its capabilities in August of 2020. We now have the equipment and qualified manpower to deliver fireproofing. When Passive fire protection is required and the flexibility and aesthetics are important, the ACMS Group can consider reducing the risk of structural collapse in the eventuality of fire by applying intumescent coatings […]

The Important Factors with HVAC Systems for Commercial Industries

All businesses should be outfitted with high-quality HVAC systems to ensure high-quality temperature and climate control and energy efficiency. It’s also become particularly important in the COVID-19 age to choose HVAC systems with high standards of filtration to keep the air cycling and to prevent unwanted virus spread. Here are just a few examples of […]

Performance Resins and Composite System

Performance Resins and Composite System – Adhesives and High stenth glues, Grout and load bearing compounds, Corrosion Resistant and protective Coatings, Vessel Tank Lings, Secondary Containment Systems, Lining Exposed to High Temperatures, Binder, Patching and Fairing Compounds, Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Based Composites, Flooring Systems, Ancillary & Miscellaneous Products

Refractory, Concrete Restoration, & Epoxy Specialists

Refractory, Concrete Restoration, & Epoxy Specialists: The ACMS Group proudly supplies a highly experienced group of concrete refractory epoxy specialists to the Chicagoland area. As a team, we have experience across all major aspects of refractory concrete installation. Our qualified staff has worked on a multitude of projects in the steel, aluminum, lime, cement, power, […]

Why Project Management Is Important

High-quality project management is critical to a successful construction project. Any time you’re working on a construction project, it’s important to either have a contractor for the job that also does project management, or to bring in a project management specialist. Here’s a quick overview of the importance of project management and the biggest reasons […]