SAFETY award winning contractor

Over the past few years, the ACMS Group continued as a SAFETY award winning contractor. Being recognized from the “Northwest Indiana Business Round Table”. Our latest award was received in august of 2020.

What Is the Process of Jointing in Engineering?

Nearly any time you construct something, jointing is involved. Jointing is simply fastening two pieces of a material together. The method and type of fastener may change, but the overall concept remains the same. However, when it comes to engineering, proper jointing must be carefully designed and tested. Depending on the project, your joints may […]

2018-2020 #1 Construction Company

The ACMS Group learned that in 2018, 2019 and through September 30,2020 the ACMS Group was the number one construction company. Providing self-preforming workmen to ArcelorMittal northwest Indiana, in hours worked and dollars billed. We are very proud to have that trust and respect as a valued member of the Arcelor team.

Enhancing quality of self-preforming supervision

In late 2016 till present construction companies’ business models begin to change. As companies move on from doing work within the northwest Indiana steel companies, the ACMS Group began commissioning their qualified supervision. Enhancing our quality of self-preforming supervision, this move increased our market share within these steel companies.