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Why It Is Important To Have Medical Gas Professionally Installed

There are big reasons to have medical gas professionally installed, and this should not be overlooked in the name of cutting corners or trying to save a few dollars here or there. It might be tempting to take some shortcuts like this, but you will surely regret it if something goes wrong with your installed […]

Why Intumescent Coatings Are Important

Intumescent coatings are a crucial fire protection solution. When high temperatures approach a coated area, the coating experiences a thermo-chemical reaction that forces the coating to expand and lose some of its density. The result is outstanding protection for a variety of building elements from open flames and potentially high temperatures. Here is an overview […]

The Important Factors with HVAC Systems for Commercial Industries

All businesses should be outfitted with high-quality HVAC systems to ensure high-quality temperature and climate control and energy efficiency. It’s also become particularly important in the COVID-19 age to choose HVAC systems with high standards of filtration to keep the air cycling and to prevent unwanted virus spread. Here are just a few examples of […]

Thin- and Through-Wall Defect Repairs

Certain types of equipment, such as tanks, vessels and pipes, can have ongoing issues with both internal and external corrosion and damage, not to mention degradation caused by exposure to certain environmental conditions. Over time, this damage can result in thin-wall or through-wall defects. The good news is that there are methods of through-wall pipe […]

How Do Quality Assurance and Quality Control Differ?

In the world of construction, you’ll frequently find that the terms “quality assurance” and “quality control” seem to be used interchangeably in many settings, regarding the processes used to ensure the consistent quality of a product or service. However, these terms actually refer to two different concepts. Here’s some information from a construction manager in […]