Differences in Epoxy Coating

Around the world, a variety of different companies are waking up to the benefits of putting an epoxy coating on their concrete surfaces. Of course, though all concrete epoxy coating types in Indiana are tough, you should understand which one is right for your business before you commit to any one blend or recipe. With that in mind, here are some of the most common epoxy coatings and their purpose on the job.


This time-tested epoxy coating is what’s known as a “high-build protective coating” “High-build” refers to the fact that this epoxy coating doesn’t require multiple layers to be effective. 1311 is prized for its chemical resistance and the way it holds up to ultraviolet rays. Because of its natural resistance to mineral interference, 1311 is used in drinking water systems and pipelines across the United States.


In years past, companies would use a coal tar coating to seal cracks and insulate against leaks. Increasing research, however, indicates that coal tar is highly toxic to plants and animals alike. Epoxy coating 1412 provides all of the strength of a coal tar coating with none of the poisons. That’s why it’s quickly becoming popular as a steelwork coating and as an adhesive for ductwork.


Another of the high-build concrete epoxy coating types in Indiana, 1344 is gaining popularity in the northern states because of its ability to function in cold-weather environments. Its applications include cooling towers and process tanks because it’s resistant to erosion and completely free of solvents.


When you’re working at temperatures north of 200 degrees, the range of materials you can rely on is small. Fortunately, one of those things is XD005, which offers chemical resistance at incredibly high temperatures. Exhaust stacks, rail cars and laundries rely on XD005 every single day.


This high-build revolutionary epoxy coating was designed to stand up to the corrosive impact of acid. Acid bunds, sumps and drains use 4029 to keep their concrete from wearing down in front of their eyes.

The pros who know

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