ACMS Group’s Principles of Project Management

What is project management, and how do you choose the right project manager? That’s a question many of our clients find themselves asking. In technical terms, project management is our approach to achieving specific goals, in a specified time frame, with defined resources to achieve those goals. The ultimate goal is to deliver projects according to customer expectations, on time and on budget. However, because there are always unknowable elements in projects, things can be more complicated than one might expect.

When you work with a project management company, you guarantee that you have oversight in planning, organizing and controlling the project progress. If there are problems on-site, your project managers will be able to identify and correct them as soon as possible, based on their years of experience. Our goal is to bring value to your organization by providing knowledgeable, fast and easy oversight to complicated projects. When you hire us, you can count on great project managers—and no need to hire a new team of your own.

Here are ACMS Group’s principles of project management:

  • Project initiation: Our first step includes evaluating how the project’s size, scope and degree of difficulty might affect its execution. This helps us figure out how we’ll support later activities. At this point in the process, we form a team, reach out to our clients, decide how we’ll manage the project and form a plan to accomplish it.
  • Project planning: This is the part of the project where we break down every little activity that needs to be done, and assign people to each task. Our goal is to estimate your resource requirements, develop a communication plan or hierarchy, evaluate risk and form a comprehensive project plan.
  • Project execution: This is the point where things start to happen. We’ll not only implement our initial plans, but we’ll start overseeing them. If there are any problems with the initial ideas or workflow, we’ll confer and make smart changes to solve those problems. At this point, we also take time to communicate with team members, clients and your customers, so everyone is always on the same page.
  • Project closedown: Finally, once the project comes to an end, it will be time to take stock of how it all went. Once all loose ends are tied up on the project, we’ll also evaluate the project, the team members and how we felt the project was executed. At the very end, we’ll close the customer contract for you.

Unless your company is prepared to handle hiring additional staff for projects, outsourcing project management is a smart way to go. Get the very best experts to oversee your projects, handle outstanding problems and be the flexible leader that you need. When your company doesn’t have the time or ability to do it themselves, third-party project management companies are a boon.

To learn more about ACMS Group’s project management arm, reach out to us today. Choosing the right project manager is an important step, and we’d love to arrange a consultation to show you what we can do for you.

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