Basic Things You Should Know About HVAC Systems

A functioning HVAC system is crucial to your overall comfort in your home or business. Whether you need a new HVAC system installed or just need to arrange for some basic maintenance or repairs, it’s important to know the basics about this valuable equipment. Read on to learn the answers to some fundamental HVAC system FAQs.

What does an HVAC system do?

To discover what an HVAC system is, you first need to know about what they do. Functioning HVAC systems control the temperature of an indoor environment by heating or cooling the air. They also control indoor humidity levels, and can even clean the air as it circulates throughout your home or business.

How do HVAC systems work?

Now that you know what an HVAC system does, it’s important to understand how it works. This depends on the type of system you have at your home or business. Your system likely falls into one of the following categories:

  • Split AC system: These units split the cold and hot sides of the system. They’re usually installed inside a furnace or other air handler, which blows air over the cold coil and expansion valve. Air ducts throughout the building transfer the cooled air to each room.
  • Window AC system: These units use fans to blow air through the coils, which improves their performance when it comes to cooling a room. The unit separates the air—hot air gets sent outside, while cold air is blown inside.
  • Packaged heating and air conditioning system: These units are very efficient because they contain both heating and cooling components in one convenient system. A fan or blower moves heated or cooled air throughout the building.
  • Central AC system: Much like the split systems, this HVAC model uses an air handler to push the air where it needs to go. When you need cold air, the compressor pumps refrigerant across the system, collecting heat and pushing it outside. The indoor air blows through the cold indoor coil to cool the air, which is then circulated by the fan in your furnace or other air handler.

What model do you need for your property?

Choosing the right HVAC system for your home or business will give you better indoor air quality and more consistent indoor temperatures. Here are some tips to guide you as you make your selection:

  • Choose the right size: Selecting the right size helps keep your energy bills down while maintaining comfortable indoor air. A professional technician will get an estimate of the cooling requirements of your space and will select a model that has appropriate cooling capacity.
  • Decide if a packaged or split system is best for your needs: The most common option for homes is a split ductless system—they’re easy to install and require no ductwork. Packaged systems are space-saving and less costly to install, on average.

If you own a home or business, knowing the basic HVAC system FAQs helps you make sure your system is the right one for your needs, and also that it functions well. A working HVAC system is essential for maintaining everyday comfort. 

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