The Benefits of Using a Turnkey Solution for Your Next Construction Project

Industrial construction projects involve a lot of moving parts—and not just the physical components that make up a new building or structure. There are multiple people and firms involved, which can make your construction project more complicated than it needs to be. Turnkey solutions are designed to streamline that process. If you’d prefer a more “hands off” approach, turnkey construction might be right for you. Here are the benefits of using turnkey general contracting for your next construction project.

What is turnkey construction?
In a normal construction project, the property owner might consult with a number of different people and firms: architects, designers, contractors, electricians, plumbers and more. With turnkey construction, you simply choose a contractor who will be responsible for design and construction. Then you wait until the project is finished—and then you can “turn the key” and get started in your new building.

There are three primary stages in turnkey general contracting. First, the contractor will design the project, eliminating the need for architects and other designers. Second, the contractor procures supplies like lumber and other building materials through their own network. This takes the onus off the property owner. Finally, during the construction phase, the contractor carries out the plans from start to finish. The property owner doesn’t need to be on site or help choose subcontractors.

The property owner may need to help the contractor procure building permits and licenses, approve the different phases of the project and provide access to the site. Otherwise, they can sit back and let the professionals do their work.

Benefits of turnkey construction solutions
Here’s a closer look at why turnkey general contracting can be such a boon to your industrial construction project:

  • Let the professionals design your project according to your specifications: If you have a vision, your turnkey contractor can help you execute it. When you work with a turnkey contractor, they’ll advise you on everything from budget to design. You provide parameters like maximum budget, your project goals and other needs. They’ll help come up with a solution so you don’t have to worry about finding it yourself.
  • Your contractor acts as the project manager: Some people are fine with acting as a project manager, but that takes a lot of time out of their own schedule. When you use a turnkey contractor, they’ll work with architects, surveyors, landscape architects, subcontractors and planning departments. That takes a lot of the work off your plate.
  • All costs are agreed upon ahead of time: All you need to do is approve the costs, and your contractor will carry them out as indicated. In fact, some contractors will agree to a fixed price so you’re guaranteed you won’t go over budget.
  • You’ll get independent construction and design advice: Finally, you’ll get independent construction and design advice from someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in your project.
    If you’re interested in turnkey general contracting for your next industrial construction project, contact ACMS Group today. We offer in-depth construction and engineering expertise for businesses across the country.

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