What To Expect When Working with a Construction Management Company

If you are planning on building a home or other structure, you might wonder: What is construction management? Construction management is an important part of any property development.

Someone needs to oversee the entire process, whether building a home, commercial structure, roads, or something else. The following should give you a better idea of what does a construction management company do, and how you benefit from its services.

Works With Architects and Construction Engineers

A construction project must be viable, which is where engineers and architects come into play. It starts with a suitable design as laid out by one or more architects. The architect should work with you to help turn your idea into a realistic architectural rendering.

Engineers can help to determine whether the proposed construction site is suitable for your project and will not cause any particular issues. Engineers can also help to ensure the design is one that will work and which materials are needed to make it happen.

Arranges the Timeline for the Construction

The construction manager determines the timeline for the construction with the goal of completing it properly. Instead of having a lot of different work crews on site doing different things, the construction manager will determine which work is done and when to ensure efficiency and that the best work is done.

Handles Permitting Processes

The construction manager will obtain all necessary permits. An experienced construction manager has much greater knowledge of local permitting processes as well as zoning issues. If a variance is needed, the construction manager can help to obtain it. Once all the permits are obtained, the work can begin.

Ensures Compliance With Local, State, and Federal Standards

The project must comply with local, state, and federal construction standards for whatever type of structure is being built. That includes any access issues, safety features, and utility connections. Regulations might drastically change from one locale to another. Local zoning includes setbacks, height, and usage when the project is completed.

State and federal standards affect matters like wetlands impact, septic or sewer systems, and even the types of fixtures and appliances in use. For example, many locales are banning the installation of natural gas stoves, furnaces, and water heaters. The design and final structure must abide by local, state, and federal regulations.

Hires and Oversees Subcontractors

The construction manager will hire subcontractors to provide materials and work on various stages of the construction project. That includes initial grading of the property, building the structure and connecting its utilities, and the final landscaping.

Provides Quality Control and Addresses Emergencies

Construction management is responsible for ensuring the work is done right and addressing any emergencies that might arise while the construction is underway. The construction manager brings experience and expertise that helps to determine when the work is correct and done well.

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