Online (Live) Leak Sealing and Safety

Tanks and pipes under heavy use are always at risk of springing leaks. Depending on what the pipes and tanks contain, and how well they’ve been maintained, they are prone to leaking due to corrosion, lack of maintenance, harsh chemicals and the environment they are in. When your on-site infrastructure starts leaking, your technicians need to be prepared to handle the leaks safely and effectively.

Live leak repair eliminates the need for downtime, but it also creates new problems to solve—namely, what kind of personal protection equipment (PPE) to use, and how to stop the leak without taking the line out of service. This is especially challenging if the leak is coming from tanks that carry hazardous materials. As always, online live leak sealing safety in Indiana is paramount.

Oftentimes, leak sealing is performed by fashioning a metal enclosure that can go around the pipe or tank that is leaking, and is sealed in place with multiple bolts or studs that will hold the enclosure in place. If the contents are under pressure or are particularly hazardous, it’s important to make sure that this is more than a stopgap solution—it needs to be a secure piece of equipment that can stand up to the demands of the job until the pipe or tank can be fully replaced. Avoiding downtime is key.

Leak sealing safety considerations

Using the right kind of materials for your leak sealing is one of the top considerations involved, as is making sure the enclosure can handle the leak. Engineers will decide which raw materials work best—stainless steel, carbon and alloy are popular choices that produce different results. They’ll also consider the type of enclosure, whether it’s box, elbow, clamp or another solution entirely.

This is because the sealing materials and solutions have to be able to handle the demands of the material and the pipes or tank, including the temperature, nature of the fluid and operating pressure. As you can imagine, if even one wrong decision is made, it could lead to downtime at best, and serious injury at worst.

Certain companies provide leak sealing solutions that are pre-engineered for a variety of circumstances, whether you’re using American or European equipment standards. When you’re trying to decide between different leak sealing options, look to make sure that they have dedicated metal enclosures as well as safety reinforcements—for example, multiple bolts and studs that will help protect the enclosure from dismantling under high pressure.

When you’re choosing your leak sealing equipment, make sure you choose the safest possible options for the sake of your workers and your bottom line.

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