The Importance of Routine Maintenance and a Simple Checklist

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—and that’s never more true than when you’re dealing with large-scale systems in industrial and construction environments. Making sure that your routine industrial maintenance is handled ensures a longer life for your equipment, improved safety for your workers, less downtime and better productivity on the whole. Here’s a closer look at these benefits of industrial routine maintenance in Indiana:

  • Less downtime: Time is money, and the more time your machines are unavailable, the more money your company will lose on the whole. The more regularly you maintain and repair your machines, the less likely it is that you’ll have a catastrophic machine failure that throws your entire operations off.
  • Schedule your maintenance: When you have a regular routine maintenance schedule, you also reap the benefits of scheduling that repair and maintenance time—that is, you can stagger it so operations can continue while a few machines are paused for maintenance.
  • Fewer repairs, longer lifespan: Just like your car and any other piece of machinery that you count upon, the more regularly you maintain your machines and components, the fewer repairs you’ll have to perform—which leads to a longer lifespan on the whole, saving you serious repair and replacement costs.
  • Save on your utilities: Finally, the more frequently you perform routine maintenance, the more efficiently your machines will run, saving you energy costs over the long term.

A sample industrial routine maintenance checklist for Indiana

Whether you’re dealing with piping, tanks, boilers or other industrial components, there are some universal maintenance steps you can take.

First, decide what needs to be maintained and when. In most industrial facilities, you’ll have a variety of machines that have different maintenance requirements. Your most important task will be to compile a list of all the machines and components that need to be inspected, and decide how often that will be—some require daily inspection, while others can be checked on a monthly or even quarterly basis. Once you’ve determined what you have to do, it’s easier to decide when to do so.

Next, determine who will be responsible for maintenance—will you be using your in-house staff or contracting with a company like ACMS Group to perform safety and maintenance inspections? Whichever options you choose, make sure that the team is available and ready to perform the tasks as you need them.

Finally, have a contingency and repair plan. If your machinery should need serious repairs, having a backup plan to avoid downtime during repairs can help your company continue to operate as efficiently as possible.

Industrial routine maintenance in Indiana

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