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What Is Construction RFI?

What Is Construction RFI? In construction, requests for information (RFI) are used as a communication tool between subcontractors, general contractors, architects and clients. They help keep a project on track with its design, specifications and materials. Formal Communication Tool RFI is a formal communication tool that can be used by any party on a construction […]

Understanding the Basic Principles of Project Management

Managing projects isn’t easy. You want to ensure everything runs smoothly from the start to the end for the sake of your company’s reputation and, more importantly, your sanity. This is where the principles of project management can help. They serve as a guide to ensure your project stays on track, within budget, and meets […]

The Benefits of Having a Self-Performing General Contractor

If you are about to start a construction project, you know that you need a general contractor to help run the project. One of the ways you can ensure the project runs smoothly is by hiring a self-performing general contractor. Self-performing means the contractor provides a direct labor force to do certain construction activities like […]

What Goes Into End-to-End Project Management?

End-to-end project management is a system companies use to complete all sorts of different projects. It involves breaking the projects up into more manageable parts that can be achieved one at a time. By utilizing the end-to-end project management process, projects can be completed faster with less stress on team members and come in under […]

ACMS Group’s Principles of Project Management

What is project management, and how do you choose the right project manager? That’s a question many of our clients find themselves asking. In technical terms, project management is our approach to achieving specific goals, in a specified time frame, with defined resources to achieve those goals. The ultimate goal is to deliver projects according […]